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I am a small mountain.
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I don’t make the weather.

I mind my own magic

And keep my bliss together.

I am a small mountain.

Step by step is the way to get everywhere.

And here. And when you do,

I’ll greet you with breathable air

And a breathtaking view.

I am a small mountain.

At the top you don’t have to look down

To know you can aim even higher.

I don’t stand to be conquered;

I rise to inspire.

I am a small mountain.

Wherever you go from here,

Whoever you meet and whatever you do,

You can take my blessings with you.

I’ll be a guardian guide for you.

I am a small mountain.

Right place and right time is a welcome

You offer your life without doubting.

If you want to ( … ) your dreams,

Ask me how.

I am a small mountain.

Alexey Timbul (c) 2017

This poem is a credo, a manifesto, a prophecy. Written in El Medano & Denia in Spain and published during Kathmandu Triennale in Nepal